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How to Choose the Right Domain

Our experts put together these helpful tips for picking the perfect domain.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity makes your domain easy to remember and easy to visit again

Be Unique

Choose a name that fits your brand

Be Quick about it

What's available today could be gone tomorrow, so get your domain while you can!

Dont use Hyphens

they complicate things, and they should'nt be in your domain name either.

Get other extensions

Protect your brand by getting similar domain names: .ke, .org, or even .africa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website.

In simple terms, if your website is your office, then your domain name will be its address.

As said above, Domain name is like your website’s street address, whereas Domain hosting is like your website’s actual home — where all the files, images, and other info actually lives. Your site needs both an address and home to be up and running, but they are definitely two different things.

So Domain Registration is the process of registering the address while Domain hosting is the actual house/space where you will put the items including files, images, database etc.

With Ecobiz Limited, buying a domain name is very straightforward. Simply use the search bar at the top of this page to check domain availability, then follow the prompts in order to complete the domain registration process.

Yes. You can transfer either the domain registration or simply update the DNS at your current registrar to point to your Ecobiz Limited hosting account, or both. We would recommend both hosting and maintaining the domain registration with us in order to ensure the optimum support experience.

Domain Privacy and security is as important to us as it is to you. Without domain privacy, your private and sensitive information (which may include your name, address, and contact numbers) may be collected and displayed in ICANN’s WHOIS database when you register your domain. Domain privacy ensures that these details are hidden from the public view. Our Domain Privacy + Protection package will make ICANN display our contact information instead of yours.

If you can, it’s a good idea to register different domain extensions, such as .co, .com, .net, and .africa along with your chosen TLD. This way, you can redirect your visitors back to your main website, preventing your visitors from visiting the wrong website.

Absolutely Yes. In order to show professionalism with your online business, or even just make a good first impression, it is important to use an email address that matches your domain name. Creating a professional and business email couldn’t be easier with Ecobiz Limited.

The exact cost of your new domain name will vary based on the registrar, the specific top-level domain (TLD) you’ve chosen, and the quality of the domain name. Ecobiz Limited is proud to offer more than 100 unique TLDs to give you a variety of options. Some domains may be pricier due to their intrinsic benefits, like being short and memorable, or the use of very competitive keywords. 

This is very important to get start your online life. consider the following while choosing the best domain name:

  • Keep it Simple – Simplicity makes your domain easy to remember and easy to visit again
  • Be Unique – Choose a name that fits your brand
  • Don’t Use Hyphens – Hyphens, numbers or symbols complicate things and they shouldn’t be in your domain name either

If your perfect domain name has already been taken by someone else, you can find out who registered it with a simple WHOIS lookup

Alternatively you can use other TLD to register your perfect domain, example instead of you can choose or

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